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Is it really worth printing your own guides?

Written By The Implant Dude on August 15, 2018

Last week this Live video from The Dental Guys popped up on my feed.  Hot topic for sure since a lot of doctors are printing or thinking of getting into printing their "pilot" guides nowadays.  But is it really worth it? Is it cost effective for you?  That is the BIG question.

Rest assure The Dental Guys got into the nitty gritty core of this and you can listen to their thorough eye opening discussion.

Give it a listen, it is jammed packed with key points that should be taken into consideration such as planning of guides, cost efficiency, accuracy, real world implementation, loss of time & production, scheduling, technician vs doctor decisions, doctors fees, hardware of printing, software understanding etc etc etc.

The best 20 minutes you will spend!

 - Joel


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